Why I Carry a Daniel’s Briefcase

Sam Yates is currently a medical student at Wake Forest School of Medicine. He started carrying a Daniel’s briefcase in November 2017.

For two years, I carried a Filson Original Briefcase. I liked the look of it but given the thickness of the canvas, the leather, and the weight of the brass hardware, it was really heavy, even without anything in it. Combine that with a strap that just wasn’t comfortable and it became non-ideal to carry day in and day out.

I eventually sold it and started using a backpack again, but it just wasn’t the same look of professionalism I was going for.

I came across Daniel’s on Instagram and sent them a message asking about the weight of their bag given my experience with my last briefcase. I got a quick response that the bag weighed 1.90 lbs when empty, which was far lighter than my last briefcase and I decided to give it a try.

I ordered the briefcase in brown. I absolutely love the product. The bag itself isn’t too heavy and it has plenty of space for my stuff, which is important as I am a medical student and have to cart quite a lot around. The leather is great quality and the stitching is well done. I also love the overall organization in the bag. Finally, it's a very good price compared to all other bags I looked into (and I’ve researched briefcases far more than I would like to admit). Overall, extremely satisfied with my purchase!

From the size to the weight to the look, the Daniel’s briefcase was exactly what I was looking for.